9/11 Films

9/11 Films & Documentaries 

Several provocative documentaries explore the events of 9/11 from a variety of alternative perspectives. AA911 Petition Signatories have written, directed, narrated, and participated in various aspects of creation and production on some of the best films and documentaries on 9/11, including: Zero, Explosive Evidence, Loose Change: 9/11, An American Coup, A New American Century, Demolition of Truth; Psychologists Examine 9/11, September 11: The New Pearl Harbor, The Reflecting Pool, and others. To view official trailers or learn more about each of these films, simply click on any of the icons below.

Persuasive viewpoints of over 1,700 architects and engineers who believe the unsettling theory that scientific forensic evidence points to explosive controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on September 11, 2001.

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